"Thank you so very much for the huge part in this wedding you played, and for helping to make this wedding perfect in every way!  We just loved working with you, and meeting such lovely, capable vendors that you introduced us to!

This will be so memorable, but at my age, the photos will be fondly viewed for many years to come. A wonderful side gift was being able to re-meet YOU and share so many wonderful laughs and stories!!!!

You are the BEST and your name will always be on the tip of my tongue for friends who seek wedding help!

Thank you from ALL of us!"
~ Sunnie

"Wow. What an incredible weekend. You were fantastic. I wanted to send along a note thanking you and your team for helping to make the wedding better than I could have imagined.

Thank you for driving the event on Saturday and helping Marilyn and Larry have a worry free event. If there was a problem, you had the solution. If there was an issue, hell, there weren't any issues! You took care of everything!

If there is anything that I can do, reference for future jobs, good word with a prospective client, please let me know and I would be happy to sing your praises.
Thank you for helping make the wedding the best time of our lives. We really appreciate all of the hard work, planning, and dedication that this wedding required.

You are the best!"
~ Patrick

"You are FABULOUS!!!  Michael & I really enjoyed working with you, it was truely an amazing day and with your help was planned perfectly.

Everytime we talk about the wedding and all the details that was put into making it so beautiful we always say “Thank God for the Dream Team!!!  

Thank you for EVERYTHING You're the Greatest!!"

~ Vera

"Our wedding was truly special and quite memorable thanks to your special attention and dedication! I very much appreciate all of your time, detailed planning, and unique touches to help the day go on without a hitch!

It was a perfect day that Ray and I along with our family and friends will treasure forever.  You are a beautiful person and I am so very happy to have met you and worked with you."

Thank you! Much love,
~ Abbey (and Ray)

"I feel like we will not be able to adequately thank you for all the work you did for our wedding. The day went perfectly (or at least it felt that way to us!). You did just an amazing job, handling all the little details and coordinating the vendors, so all Jon and I had to do was enjoy.

It was truly a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for the bottom of our hearts for making our special day carefree and so much fun! We couldn't have imagined anything better."

~ Sarah and Jon

"We only had about 6 months to plan our wedding and it ended up being absolutely perfect! We couldn't have done it without Kim. She was amazingly professional, always available to meet, which was great considering we were only in town one weekend a month. The night of the wedding, she is the reason everything went so smoothly.

She is an amazing wedding planner!"

~ Diana

"My wedding was a little unique. The evening started as a 50th birthday party for my "now" husband and halfway through the birthday party we transitioned to a wedding, to the surprise of all our guests!! To say the least Noteworthy Events had a "different" situation to work with. Kim was so fantastic with this crazy night. She made sure everything was perfect as a birthday party and then as a wedding.

She went from a casual party to an elegant wedding and no detail was overlooked! She is so creative and every detail was just incredible. She is such a pleasure to work with and really made the night perfect for us. I knew I was in good hands and didn't have to worry about a thing all night.

I would highly recommend Noteworthy Events, Kim's expertise and knowledge is truly like no other! 

Thank you!"
~ Jill

"I've taken the last couple of days to decompress, yes, "recover" is a good word!  I've stayed away from the computer and the telephone, but kept thinking that I really wanted to be in touch to thank you for all of your efforts!

The wedding, the whole weekend, was wonderful and went smoothly because of your advice and assistance.  We couldn't have done it (and been as happy afterwards!) without you!  thank you, thank you, thank you."

~ Martha

"I feel a thank you note will not call close to doing justice to how grateful and thankful Scott and I are for all your support, and hard work these past few months, and especially this past weekend.

You dealt with my craziness better than most, and made everything run so perfectly! I apologize if I aged you this past weekend! Thank you again for everything! Scott and I could not be happier about how the big day turned out!"

~ Elizabeth

"I can't begin to tell you how happy we are. Everything was so perfect! You absolutely met and exceeded all of our expectations. My phone has not stopped ringing. The energy was flowing all night long.

The venue was perfect thanks to you. Brooke and Brandon were so happy and commented on Sunday how much you helped calm their nerves on Saturday.

Thanks again Kim for everything!"

~ Debi

"We worked with Shari and Nicole as day-of planners and they were absolutely fantastic! We wanted someone to help us make sure the day ran smoothly and that the wedding party and I didn’t have to be bothered with any issues that could have arisen. Shari and Nicole were the perfect team for that.

They met with us numerous times prior to the wedding, made sure we felt comfortable with how everything was going to run that day and told us every time we met to call them if we needed anything at all. They made sure everything was taken care of and made sure my husband and I could truly enjoy every moment of the day.

I would highly recommend bringing a day-of planner on board for your wedding day, and Shari and Nicole were the absolute best!"

~ Jessica

"I know you said “no more thank you’s” but I cannot comply!  Thanks to the incredible efforts of you and your co-chairs, the school will reach the financial and spiritual benefits of this event for years to come. We are grateful- I am grateful. Thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts."


~ Larry

"Thank you for helping me throw a wonderful and memorable party!  I loved it, and I couldn’t have done it without you.  You allowed me to be “in the moment” and enjoy my party.

What makes you an incredible event planner is not only your organizational skills, but you have great taste and style!

I feel you also share my attention to detail - so many people complimented me on all the attention to detail we put in!"

All my best,
~ Cyndi

"We just want to thank you for what you have done for our family.  You are the best and we love you so much!  The looks on Mom and Dad’s face was the greatest in the world.  Thank you so much!"

~ Jess and Scott


You are FABULOUS!!! Michael and I really enjoyed working with you, it was truly an amazing day and with your help was planned perfectly.
Thank you so very much for the huge part in this wedding you played, and for helping to make this wedding perfect in every way!
Wow. What an incredible weekend. You were fantastic. I wanted to send along a note thanking you and your team for helping to make the wedding better than I could have imagined.